9 Reasons Why You Should Hire An SEO Agency

 Being a marketer makes you wish you were an octopus. There is so much to do, in such little time. SEO is one of the big jobs that needs a lot of research, skill and time to see results. It can be much better to outsource SEO work. Here are 8 reasons why you should hire an SEO agency.

1. Time

Hiring an SEO agency will save you time. It’s taking a huge job off your shoulders so you can focus on getting results in other areas. SEO agencies will be able to take care of onsite and offsite SEO, which can help in all other areas of marketing.

If you’re lucky enough to have a team, an SEO agency will fit right in with your in-house team and can work with them to create campaigns. Hybrid teams compliment each other so well. It will speed up the marketing process by huge amounts.

2. Results

SEO agencies are driven by results – and they know how to get them! SEO experts will easily be able to spot holes in your website or copy that needs to be improved. They will be able to tell you schedules and timelines so you know what they have achieved

3. Money

Hiring an SEO agency is cheaper than hiring an in-house person. SEO agencies will have access to SEO experts, coders, copywriters, analytics experts, CRO guys. All of these will be working on your account. Hiring the same number of skillsets in-house will be hugely costly. Plus, the cost of training the inhouse hires will be extortionate!

4. Expertise

As we said before, SEO agencies have a huge amount of resources at their disposal. The teams are constantly training, learning and improving. They work on a huge amount of projects so their can see how every little change effects websites across the board.

5. Contacts

Many SEO agencies will have a large amount of contacts. They will be working across a lot of different industries, so will be meeting industry experts who may need your services. They will also be working with many different influencers, so will have a database of bloggers, vloggers and instagrammers who can promote your products to fans. All of this creates backlinks to your brand, and helps your SEO.

6. Expensive tools

SEO tools are so expensive. When you hire an SEO agency, you will also get access to all their premium software too. These tools will create reports, analyse competitors and look into trends In your industry. They do it at a level that is impossible to do for free. These tools help SEO agencies get better results, faster.

7. Fresh Perspective

While hiring in-house staff can help with getting a deep understanding of the industry you’re in, sometimes its hard to look at it as a new customer coming into it for the first time. SEO agencies have a fresh, new perspective, that when paired with a deeper understanding, can achieve some brilliant, customer first content that users will easily come across in search. It can help put a fresh spin on blog content, help weed out unhelpful jargon from SEO texts and use new techniques that haven’t been used in the industry.

8. Improve website overall

SEO is not just about search. It’s also about making your website far more user friendly. An SEO agency will help structure your website and data to make it easier for Search Spiders to navigate. This also helps humans navigate your website too. Overall your usability will improve.

It’s not just that. Most SEO agencies (like us) will have content creation teams that will create useful and fun content for your customers to read, which will also rank for longtail keywords. Not only will the content help your SEO but it will help guide them through the buying process to help them convert.

9. Overwhelming information

There is so much to learn when it comes to SEO! Constant algorithm changes, data conventions, online friendly content writing, Backlink outreach, and new technologies can all mean having to constantly keep up your skills. Adding that the the workload of a busy marketing manager means there just aren’t enough hours in the day! Luckily, SEO companies train their staff to keep up with all these. At YMG we make our communications beginner-friendly so that everyone is on the same page.

Need an SEO agency? Then we are the people for you! YMG have a team of SEO experts who are excited to work on your project. View our packages or contact us to see how we can help you.