Nextgen lead generation!

Highly targeted lead generation through LinkedIn and Facebook

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Imagine having a machine that fills your sales bookings while you sleep!

Imagine being able to focus more time on different areas of your business, not struggling to find more customers to keep yourself afloat. Imagine you don’t have to worry about where your next sale is coming from

With our Lead Generation Service…that’s exactly what you get.

We are specialists in running high converting campaigns that are targeted and bespoke to your business needs and outcomes. Traditional methods of advertising are dying so we make sure we use the most cost effective and most efficient way to bring our clients a grand return on investment!

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What suits me best- Facebook or LinkedIn?

Often, the question isn’t what, but how. A new age lead generation campaign ideally includes both, with majority focus on either one, depending on your domain of expertise. Off course, if your business is extremely niche or you are looking to targeting a specific data set, then targeting a platform like LinkedIn is most beneficial since you can target the actual decision makers in organizations, like CEO, CFO’s etc. Facebook is more versatile and suitable for both B2B and B2C campaigns thanks to its global reach and versatile appeal.

How the magic happens?

It really is no magic. It’s is a simple, rigorous and scientific 4 step process.

Step 1- Gauging your need

What do you need to generate your leads for? Is it to generate more sales? Or do you want to heighten your brand recognition? It’s vitally important to know the purpose since it helps us identify your potential audience and design the campaign accordingly. We use unique targeting systems to find our perfect audience and craft an awesome offer to make your prospects want more of you.

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Step 2: Preparing the bait

Once we have identified your target audience, our expert team will design the ads for Facebook and LinkedIn. It will be a highly targeted campaign so that your ads are only be visible to users who are most likely to convert, thus maximizing you ROI and negating unprofitable clicks.

Step 3: Casting the line

Once your campaign is ready to go and everything has been double checked, we launch the campaign. From the very start, our team will keep a close eye on the response to the campaign and constantly try to identify shortfalls, if any, so that they can be fixed immediately.

Step 4: Reeling them in

With the data we acquire through constant monitoring, our expert team optimizes the campaign to maximize its output and allow you the best chance to maximize your ROI.

Our Lead Generation Promise!

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We don’t sell any leads we generate for you to competitors

Fully Tested

We create proven and high converting sales funnels

100% qualified

All our campaigns are GDPR compliant and ready to buy

Multiple Ad variations

We are always testing different ads to find a winner

Automated System

We are using a fully automated process that runs 24/7


Increase your sales predictably and generate a regular income


Monthly breakdown reports on the campaigns and ROI

Highly targeted

We target and retarget the your perfect customer demographic

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