Unlock Your Sales Potential With Data-Driven B2B Marketing Strategies

We take the headache out of prospecting and use smart sequence campaigns to generate new conversations with your ideal target audience.

Boost Sales & Win

The primary reason people use automation for LinkedIn prospecting is to save time and increase efficiency. Automation tools can help streamline repetitive tasks such as finding and connecting with prospects, sending personalized messages, and managing follow-ups. By automating these processes, users can focus their time and energy on more strategic activities, such as building relationships and closing deals. Additionally, automation can enable broader reach and scalability, allowing individuals and businesses to target a larger pool of prospects and maximize their outreach efforts. At YMG, we have the most efficient and safest automation software to help generate more business meetings with ideal clients and help get them booked in your calendar.  This process have helped 1000’s businesses achieve remarkable success and exceed their sales targets. Don’t let valuable opportunities slip through your fingers again and book a call today to see how this can work for your company.

How Our Service Works?

We can help you super charge your business and sales pipeline fast in just a few simple steps.


Streamlined onboarding in to our Slack Channel where you will receive a warm welcome and onboarding form. On completion a call between your campaign manger and account manager will take place.


Your campaign manager will undergo creating multiple smart campaigns designed specifically to target your ideal audience and generate you results. A final approval is always needed by your before campaigns go live.


Start seeing HOT leads and conversations flow within 24 hours; ready to schedule a call with your sales team. Real time reporting, daily catch ups and monthly account reviews to ensure maximum success.

Why Choose YMG

Automation & Personable

A combination of automation outreach and our skilled personalised engagement ensures we tackle both volume and quality control.

Smart Sequences

Just one campaign that does it all from visiting a profile, liking a post, inviting to connect, and then outreaching to the contact. All within one campaign.

Multi-Campaign Approach

9 Campaign approach: Invite New, Message 1st connections, Visit Profiles, Endorse, Free InMails to Open Profiles, Group, Auto Follow, Events & Posts.

Real Time Reporting

Keep up to date in the Slack Chanel on all leads that come through to the inboxes. You will be notified every time a new appointment has been made.

Enhanced Safety

We offer full protection on your accounts. Dedicated IP Address, Limits detection and Safe Mode, Sleep Mode, Automatic duplicate suppression, Blacklist contacts & more.

Verified Avatar Accounts

Our avatar accounts are all verified and ready to act on behalf of your business.  Leave us to create and manage your avatar accounts to maximise the outreach without using your own Linked-In account.

Expert Support By Our YMG Campaign Experts.

Our dedicated campaign experts will meticulously manage the build of the lead generation campaigns, leveraging their expertise to optimize strategies, target the right audience, and maximize ROI for exceptional results and business growth.  We are here to assist your business to grow which is why do not focus on vanity metrics like Instagram likes.  We care about the bottom line and the sales being made for your business, which is why we work with all our clients long term.  

Select A Plan

SMS targeted Campaigns.

Perfect Local Biz Marketing

Effective Email Lists and Campaigns

Perfect Local Biz Marketing


The minimum term we have for all the software clients we onboard is 6 months.  After 6 months you will then be subscribed on to a rolling contract where you can cancel at anytime. We offer a 15% discount to companies that want to use the software for 12 months. 

We have the safest and most comprehensive B2B lead generation on the market today.  Our SAAS platform allows us to reach in excess of 1000 prospects every single month per profile and our skilled appointment setters help nurture leads on your behalf.  Our 9 smart campaign system is at the forefront of ai lead gen system; offering InMail, Messaging, Likes, Comments and Safe Mode and more. We also can offer avatar profiles to boost your sales team presence and offer discounted Sales navigator to ensure a 20-30% increase in outreach. 

Whilst we don’t offer a guarantee, like everything in marketing and sales we work meticulously to make sure the efforts are always positive ROI.  With significant amount of targets for us to reach and the industry you are targeting are active on Linked-In we are positive we can fulfill the requirements your business has. 

Once you have on boarded we will invite you to our private Slack Channel.  We will then provide you with an on boarding form to fill out to help us understand more about your business.  Once this is complete we can have campaigns up and running within 72 hours.  

No.  With YMG what you see and have been quoted for is exactly what you pay.  No hidden fees or ad-spend to budget for.  

You do not need to purchase Sales Navigator for your campaigns to be successful.  If you would like to attach your own profile and to run a separate campaign then Sales Navigator will be recommended for best results.  YMG can offer Sales Navigator at a discounted rate.  Book a call to discuss.

No.  Zero tech skills are required to use our software as this is a Done For You Service.  We want to take as much pressure away and give you back as much time as possible so we take care of the entire campaign build, launch and day to day optimization on each of your accounts.  A free and complimentary portal training will be delivered as well pre-launch. 

Yes, none of our Linked In outreach campaigns effect GDPR and is compliant.  All of our leads and appointments collected are provided by prospects.

A lead is defined as a prospect that has reached out through one of our campaigns messaging and has expressed interest in the services you provide.  They will either want to know some more information about what you do or happy to schedule a call/meeting with you to find out more. 

We provide live and daily update reports in the Slack channel.  You will be assigned a campaign manager and an appointment setter who will be servicing your business 8-10 hours a day.  You are able to @ our team members whenever you feel you need an answer and we also provide monthly account catch ups via Zoom. 



Exceptionally helpful and professional organisation, nothing is too much trouble. They worked at speed to help me achieve our deadlines with our campaign launch and have done a fantastic job! The Lead Gen service is also exceptionally well executed, they have taken the time to understand our company’s processes and business ethos to deliver a very good and reliable service. I can highly recommend this company!


Company Director


(YMG) were great to work with, they went above and beyond to make sure our expectations were met. From start to finish they were impeccable communicators and created an amazing campaign and in the time frame we wanted. Can’t thank Your Marketing Guy enough and would highly recommend!


Company director


One of the best digital marketing solution providers in (UK). Their Lead Generation and Linked In Marketing services are very good and performing well. Really lovely to work such a professional company – I was astonished at how quickly they dealt with my order – Highly recommend


Company Owner


A very professional, friendly and knowledgable team! Experts in the digial marketing industry. Linked In lead gen campaigns is a wow factor! Couldn’t be happier with results and would recommend it to any business; small or large. Prices very competitive with friendly staff always happy to help.  A very happy MD. 


Managing Director