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If you’re looking to grow your business and improve your online presence, Your Marketing Guy is here to help.

Through training, online marketing support and management packages, Your Marketing Guy can help guide you through the slightly overwhelming world of digital marketing.  It’s not all smoke and mirrors, but science…and we have the perfect lab to get your business new customers and a better ROI.

We create and implement the right strategies to improve your business sales, conversions and always ROI orientated, so that you can achieve your true business potential.

Our smart and savvy team are ready for your next project.  We aim to be as transparent as possible so you always know what’s going on.  We encourage our potential clients to ask as many questions as they may wish and we will always be willing to answer.

Your next digital marketing campaign can be up and running and bringing you new business.  Get in touch with our experts at Your Marketing Guy.

Our Services

Lead Generation Training

Learn how to bring in high quality clients with no cold calling required.

Online Marketing Support

Unlimited email support with a digital marketing consultant.

Web Development

Your website is the digital face of your business so it is important to make a good first impression. We offer bespoke websites tailored to your needs.

Pay Per Click

We offer a full PPC management service to help your business advertise smartly on platforms including Google AdWords generating.

Search Engine Optimisation

Organically grow your online presence and improve your Google rankings ahead of your competitors.

Social Media Management

We will manage your social media accounts with fresh day to day content engaging to grow your fan base and keep.

Lead Generation

Drive 100% qualified and exclusive customers to your business on tap with our automated 24/7 lead generation campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Ever wondered why despite good traffic you are not getting sales? Our CRO experts know the trick to a higher conversion rate from existing traffic.

Digital Health Check: Free SEO & PPC check
with full report & free strategy session

Try our free SEO & PPC report tool to check if your website is in the best shape

Free PPC Report

Get your free PPC report and in a matter of minutes find out how you can improve your PPC campaigns

Free SEO Report

Get your Free SEO report on how your website is doing and find out how you can improve your online presence

Is Digital Marketing For You?
4.2bn internet users
16.7m on Instagram in UK
12.5m on Twitter in UK
30m on Facebook in UK
2.5bn social media users worldwide

The Benefits of Digital Marketing

Is Digital Marketing right for me and my business? In short, YES. A huge yes.

Digital Marketing is a great way to increase your online presence and find new customers. You need to boost your rankings on search engines to capture the people who scour the internet looking for businesses like yours. To drive people to an already existing website you may want to use search engine optimisation to find organic traffic looking to gain more business. You may also want to tap into social media to get in front of the people who are always on their phones. Or perhaps you need a website overhaul to drive up your conversion rates and re design your website completely.

Digital marketing benefits businesses of all sizes. You don’t need huge budgets to get a good return on investment. In fact, at Your Marketing Guy, we pride ourselves in getting you a massive return on your investment. To use digital marketing correctly, you need a strategy and some know-how. Your Marketing Guy can help create tailored strategies that benefit start-ups all the way to larger businesses.

You can break digital marketing down into groups such as:

And more!

All these services play a huge role in generating more customers for your business. However, the priority levels differ from industry to industry. Finding the right digital marketing solution for your business is vital. Your Marketing Guy is the best digital marketing agency to win you better results.

  • Here are some of the reasons to consider digital marketing solutions for your business

    World Wide

    The power of the internet has allowed businesses to present their company to people across the globe. The web allows people the ability to connect with you and your business wherever they are in the world. Something you can’t do with a flyer!

  • Local

    Perhaps you only want to target your local area. Location targeting allows you to reach the people in your local area to bring them to your business. You have complete control. Local digital marketing solutions are often a lot cheaper and more effective than offline tactics.

  • Measurable Results

    Web analytics can make it easier to measure how effective your online strategies are. You can generate detailed reports on all your campaigns. You can see your ROI, audience demographics and traffic sources quickly.

  • Flexible

    Changed the direction of your company overnight? Introduced a new product or service? Digital marketing gives you the flexibility to change or remove adverts or content for little to no cost…unlike those over expensive TV ads and billboard campaigns!

  • The Social Side

    People buy from people. Social media has allowed us to connect and spread our message. The right strategies will help your business build customer loyalty and a trustworthy reputation.

  • Easy to Convert

    Unlike flyers and other offline marketing strategies, the web means someone just a click away from making a purchase. If they see your advert, they can check your business out straight away. Impulse buyers are a marketer’s best friend. Our training teaches B2C lead generation.

  • Re-Targeting

    The power of re-targeting ads allows digital marketing agencies and business owners to target anyone who visits your website. You can display the products they were looking at or give them a personalised advert. Your brand is always at the forefront of their online experience.

  • Cost Effective

    Using the correct strategies bring you the cheapest return on investment. From a low cost-per-click to increased customers from organic search, all strategies bring better ROI and results than the majority of offline marketing strategies.

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Your Marketing Guy is the best digital marketing agency in Essex for any small to medium size business wanting a bigger online presence.
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